Calamity Holton

by Jolly Jack & the Jazz Flutes

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As the universe germinates and grows, the human race excells at such a rate that only selfishness is left. Follow Calamity Holton on a blistering skull smashing journey through time as humanity begs for its life.


released May 23, 2017

Chase Holton- Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Production
Mabel Grace Wigglebottom- Foot Warmer and Snuggle Friend.
Kate Nordby- Vocal Coach


all rights reserved



Jolly Jack & the Jazz Flutes Ann Arbor, Michigan

A solo game developer with a passion for music.

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Track Name: The Absolute
The human condition marches on
With no recollection of our history
We've spent so long ignoring the signs
Of what's come before and lost to time
A looming darkness suffocates our species
Clouding the sun and the distant stars
The absol ute exists in many forms
As the universe perpetuates
There is no return.
We've only just begun to poison ourselves
Our blood runs thinner into the soil
Will our message be ignored
Will history bring us back to life
Or will we be forgotten?
Will this lesson ever be learned?
The human condition marches on
With no recollection of our history
We've spent so long ignoring the signs
Of what's come before and lost to time
We've taken this for granted
Proven disposable
We need this planet more than it needs us
We are disposable.
We’ve done enough damage
There’s no running from this
Track Name: Ginnungagap
The event horizon has shown itself
This world will soon be swallowed whole
Not due to interplanetary warfare
But the wretched souls that walk this earth…
They have been deemed a cancer
To the largest bringer of life
Hell bent on destruction of innocence
Their greed and fear will tear these lives apart
I don’t know where to go from here
We must obliterate and start anew
We’ve come together and chosen not to stop this
I’ll bend space and time to go back to the start
And fucking murder the first ones to breathe
And fucking murder the first ones to breathe
I'll smile as the light leaves their eyes
I’ll end evolution and devour the gods you believe in
There is no solace here
Track Name: The Golden Jackal
Canine fangs rip into the throats of man
Self inflicted wounds embalmed to preserve terror
Drag the bodies to the underworld
Through tectonic plates of earth."
Nails break against the bedrock
Giving the lost what they deserve
Eyes shine so brightly in the dark
Claws rip cleanly through the carcass
Larvae seek sustenance in flesh
As the fluid circulates through the system
Preserve the anger
Preserve the hatred
Preserve the sadness
Stayed in eternal night
The eyes that burn in the dark
Life. Death. Rebirth.
Preserve this atrocity.
Embalm. Conform.
Track Name: Filicide
I’ve been tortured, torn apart and put back together
By the haunting words you left me with
The nightmarish world you created
My mind never rests, my consciousness
My only respite
To melt this world away
I am corruption
The very being that controls your fate
I am the silence
In the air at night as you drift away
Vengeance breathes through my open lungs
As the universe begs for it’s life
My body sails high above the atmosphere
Your breath stills as time and space become one
While all of my children beg for mercy
Except for one
He who stands to triumph
As the sacrifice
I am your God
The very being that controls your fate
I am the cross
His body rests upon as he slips away
My only respite
To watch this miserable child die
You’ve abandoned me once before
I'll never forget your last words
"Father, into your hands I commit my spirit"
Just to throw you away.
Track Name: House of R'Lyeh
My eternal slumber
Leaves the Earth to rot
Dreams become nightmares
They unknowingly beckon me
My breath brings gale force winds
My shoulders crush mountains
My eyes relinquish all life
Your despair pleases me
We will feast on your flesh
And gnaw on all your bones
These fools wish nothing but me
These fools all know nothing
When will they all see?
That the Earth will belong to me.
When my scales tear root from tree,
I am the calamity.
To tear this world asunder
Level the earth, level these cities
Leave all these beings to suffer
As I cry for silence
Let me rest
Let me rest
Cease all their hearts screaming
Let the bodies rot in peace.
As scorched earth breathes smoke into the sky
Black out the sun
Cease all life
Black out the sun
Cease all life
Kill the sun
Break this world
Kill their son
Break this world
Track Name: Och'Cur
Destroyer, demon of many faces
Standing upon the edge of collapse
No name or title could quantify
The horror you bring
Feed on insolence, glutton
Cower you coward, choke on your ego
Those you claimed to stand for
Suffer under your blind gaze
Your insecurities bleed this planet dry
Creator, wretched god of altered reality
Your disgusting flesh taints the throne
Of the land you wrongfully inherited
Rapist of our axioms
There will be no recollection
There will be no monuments
No books will tell
No words will speak
Your skin ripped from your flesh
Your flesh ripped from your bone
Your bones burnt to ash
And to the winds, your existence thrown.
Track Name: Absolution
Our lives have known no love
This universe won't have it
Don't beg for peace and forgiveness
This world won’t hear it
Don't pray to your Gods
We've all been abandoned
This world has been forgotten
Planetary discourse has begun
We’re dropping like flies
What will be our last words?
Nothing remains
The mind only exists in a single form
Were we meant for nothing more
Than to feed the worms?
Rotting in the dirt, year after year
There's nothing left for us here
The atmosphere has shifted
In a single moment
Our life was wasted on this Earth
We deserve to die
I’d beg for life after death
For something more than this to be real
So far I’m convinced
This world was never meant to heal.

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